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Worldwide shipping possible
Standard (flat**)
German Post / DHL
Free Shipping from 79,-EUR

6,90 EUR
7,99 EUR >0.3kg 8,99 EUR
7,99 EUR >0.3kg 8,99 EUR
7,99 EUR >0.3kg 8,99 EUR
#not possible#

Standard (by weight)
to 0,4 kg
to 2,0 kg
to 10 kg

13,99 EUR
19,90 EUR
24,90 EUR


Standard (by weight)
to 0,4 kg
to 1,0 kg
to 3,0 kg
to 5,0 kg

15,99 EUR
19,90 EUR
29,90 EUR
39,90 EUR

Sonstige Länder

Standard (by weight)
bis 0,4 kg
bis 1,0 kg
bis 2,0 kg

19,90 EUR
49,00 EUR
79,00 EUR

(Shipping costs within the EU inc VAT) ** Not delivery to company address
or payment over AmazonPayments / PayPal

Payment methods  
Money order / SEPA-Banktransfer -2.-EUR Discount
Creditcard (for European cards)  
Creditcard (for non-European cards)  
PayPal Checkout*  
PayPal Express* (Button) by Klarna  
COD* (upper 300EUR) -
Western Union (Non-EU-Countries) -
Bitcoins accepted here Bitcoin prepaid
Bitcoin Cash accepted here Bitcoin Cash prepaid
Etherium (Ether) accepted here Ether prepaid

(*) Can not be combined with standard shipping / free shipping
We accept credit cards of VISA, Mastercard & American Express (AMEX).