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EAN / GTIN 4313042685859

Shaver-Parts 1 Stück Pack Rasiererschopf für alte Rotationsrasierer




Der Rasierscherkopf schneidet mit einem Schneidering!


Verwendbar als Ersatz für Rasierer-Köpfe

Philips / Norelco HP 1906, HP 1912, HP 1914

For old Philipshaves from the 70th 80th.

Also for Agidel, Russian shaver.

Single Ring Shaving Head with cutter.

Cutter with Improved driving system.

Single packaging (1pc foil & cutter)


Kompatible-Geräte / Modelle

HP1112, HP1117, HP1118, HP1119, HP1121, HP1122, HP1123, HP1124, HP1125, HP1126, HP1128, HP1129, HP1130, HP1131, HP1132, HP1133, HP1134, HP1135, HP1136,  HP1138, HP1139, HP1140, HP1141, HP1142, HP1203, HP1205, HP1207, HP1208, HP1212, HP1213, HP1214, HP1215, HP1216, HP1217, HP1302, HP1303, HP1304, HP1305, HP1306, HP1308, HP1309, HP1310, HP1311, HP1312, HP1313, HP1314, HP1315, HP1316, HP1317, HP1320, HP1321, HP1324, HP1615, HP1620, HP1621, HP1630, HP1631, HP1724, HP2117, HP2130


This is not  a Philips, Philishave, Agidel or Norelco genuine part.


Kompatibel zu den Modellen Philishaves:

HQ20, HQ20/A HQ22 HQ26 HS100, HS105, HS106, HS110, HS125, HS135A, HS155, HS155A, HS165, HS165A,

HQ200A, HQ201, HQ202A, HQ203, HQ220, HQ222, HQ223, HQ240A, HQ242A, HS250, HS250A, HS250B,

HS254A, HS255, HS255A, HS255B, HS262, HS282, HS283, HS284,

HS300, HS303, HS305, HS308, HS310, HS315, HS325, HS335B, HS340, HS345A, HS346, HS350,

HS355, HS356, HS359, HS536, HS540, HS545, HS550, HS555, HS655, HS660,

HP545, HP1220, HP1221, HP1222, HP1223, HP1224, HP1322, HP1616, HP1622, HP1623, HP1711, HP1718, HP1719, HP1722, HP1723, HP1726,

HQ2405, HQ2425, HQ2605, HQ2610, HQ2810, HQ2825, HQ2830, HQ262, HQ282, HQ284,

HQ1220, HQ1322, HQ1616, HQ1622, HQ1722, HQ2405, HQ2425, HQ2610, HQ2810, HQ2830


NOVA  Shaverparts Universal replacements

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Artikelnummer SHAVER-PARTS_SHAVING-HEAD EAN 4313042685859