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Product no.: 996530069597
Weight: 0.100 Kg.

Saeco Kaffeevollautomat  Wasserstandsanzeiger, coffee maker #


Farbe: grau (grey)


Für Modelle: Incanto Digital (SUP021YDR, SUP 021 YDR) 

Magic de Luxe (SUP012, SUP 012), bis Gerätenummer: 218046, ab Gerätenummer: 218047

ROYAL Cappuccino (SUP016R, SUP 016 R)  

E003.013 (E 003.013, E003013, E 003013)  SUP 015 (SUP015)  


water-level gauges, water-indicator, gallegg. di livello gri. 

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 26 November, 2012.