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Product no.: 11023029
Weight: 0.400 Kg.

Saeco Kaffeevollautomat Wanne, Schale, Abtropfwanne, Abtropfschale, Auffangwanne, Auffangschale  #



Für Modelle: 

HD8854, HD8854/01, HD8854/02,  HD8854/03, HD8854/09, HD8854/14, HD8854/15, HD8854/16 ( HD 8854, HD 8854/01, HD 8854/02,  HD 8854/03, HD 8854/09, HD 8854/14, HD 8854/15, HD 8854/16)  

HD8856, HD8856/01, HD8856/02,  HD8856/03, HD8856/04, HD8856/05, HD8856/06, HD8856/08, HD8856/09,  HD8856/41, HD8856/43, HD8856/47 (HD 8856, HD 8856/01, HD 8856/02,  HD 8856/03, HD 8856/04, HD 8856/05, HD 8856/06, HD 8856/08, HD 8856/09,  HD 8856/41, HD 8856/43, HD 8856/47)   


drip tray assy, coffee maker   



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Saeco Vollautomat Abtropfgitter für HD8854 HD8856

Saeco Vollautomat Abtropfgitter für HD8854 HD8856

35,90 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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