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Product no.: 996530072904
Weight: 0.250 Kg.

Saeco Kaffeevollautomaten, Espressomaschinen Kaffeesatzbehälter, Behälter für Kaffeesatz


Farbe: silber, silver


Für Modelle:

HD 8750, HD8750/11, HD8750/13, HD8750/19, HD8750/81, HD8750/99 (HD 8750/11, HD 8750/13, HD 8750/19, HD 8750/81, HD 8750/99)

HD 8751, HD8751/95 (HD 8751/95)

HD8752, HD 8752, HD8752/85, HD8752/86, HD8752/87, HD8752/88, HD8752/89, HD8752/90, HD8752/91, HD8752/92, HD8752/93, HD8752/94, HD8752/95 (HD 8752/85, HD 8752/86, HD 8752/87, HD 8752/88, HD 8752/89, HD 8752/90, HD 8752/91, HD 8752/92, HD 8752/93, HD 8752/94, HD 8752/95)


Black dump box, coffee ground drawers, coffee maker

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 27 June, 2013.