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Shipping time: ---
Product no.: 3XHQ3+HQ100
Weight: 0.500 Kg.

3x Philips shaving heads HQ3 incl. charging station HQ100 zum Sparerpreis


suitable for Philips: Double Action: HQ30, HQ32, HQ36, HQ300, HQ302, HQ304, HQ320, HQ322, HQ342, HQ340, HQ360, HQ362, HQ380, HQ382, HQ384, HQ386, HS702, HS703, HS704, HS706, HS708, HS715, HS755, HS765, HS800, HS805, HS820, HS825, HS830, HS840, HS850, HS860, HS875, HS895, HS896, HS900, HS925, HS945, HS950, HS955, HS969, HS975, HS980, HQ3405, HQ3425, HQ3445, HQ3604, HQ3605, HQ3610, HQ3805, HQ3810, HQ3825, HQ3830, HQ3850, HQ3860, HQ3870 - HP1318, HP1319, HP1327, HP1328, HP1335, HP1336, HP1337 F/T, HP1339, HP1601, HP1602, HP1604, HP1605, HP1606, HP1607, HP1608, HS260 A/B, HS360, HS375 A/B

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday 17 January, 2010.