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Product no.: REM_PA650
Weight: 0.120 Kg.

Remington Spiralcable / Spiralladecable / shaverconnectioncable  PA650 (12 VDC 11W, 650mA)


suitable for Remington:F4 Serie - F410, F430, RA330, RA5xx, RA7xx 

Fits MicroScreen 3 TCT and MicroScreen 2 Water Washable. Fits Models: MS2-280, MS2-290, MS2-390 , MS-5200, MS3-2000 MS3-2700, MS3-3000, MS3-3700, MS3-4000, MS3-4700, MS3-0004 MS-680CS Micro Flex Ultra Models TCT R-9100, R-9170, R-9200, R-9270 R-9250, R-9300, R-9350, R-9370, R-TCT Flex 360 Models R-7130, R-6130, R-5130

Flex & Pivot Models: F-4790, F-5790 F-710, F-720 MS-5200, MS-5500, MS-5700, MS-5800, R-1000, R-9190, R-9290, R-9500 MS-900, R-825, R-800, R-650s, R-650, R-510, R-520, HGX-1 MS3C or PA400, PF400 

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 25 January, 2010.