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Product no.: 290039-RBL5001
Weight: 0.050 Kg.

not MEHR LIEFERBAR - NUR NOCH ALS combi pack SP 94!


Remington  knifes / bladesblock RBL-5001  (3 partig)


suitable for shaver Remingten MS3 models: RS8503, RS8943, RS8966, RS8986, TCM 215180 MS31000 (MS3-1000), MS31700 (MS3-1700), MS32000 (MS3-2000), MS32700 (MS3-2700), MS33000 (MS3-3000), MS33500 (MS3-3500), MS33700 (MS3-3700), MS34000 (MS3-4000), MS34500 (MS3-4500), MS34700 (MS3-4700), MS30004 (MS3-0004)

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Remington Kombipack SP94 (RBL5000 + RBL5001) SP 94

Remington Kombipack SP94 (RBL5000 + RBL5001) SP 94

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unit price 23,99 EUR
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This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday 16 January, 2010.