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Product no.: 423502020971
Weight: 0.100 Kg.

Philips Elektrozahnbürsten-Travel Case / Reise Etui  (weiß /transparent)


Passend für:

HX 6711 HealthyWhite

HX6730 (HX 6730) 

HX 6731 (HX 6731)

HX 6732 (HX 6732)

HX 6733 (HX 6733) HealthyWhite with Sanitizer

HX6780 (HX 6780)

HX6781 (HX 6781)

HX6782 (HX 6782)

HealthyWhite ProDispense




Zahnbürsten CASE, CARRYING

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday 28 January, 2011.