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Weight: 0.200 Kg.
EAN / GTIN 4251309212724
Product no.: 501018941

Philips Sonicare Ladestation (Charging Base) für die Elektromunddusche / Munddusche


HX8111, HX8181, HX8182, HX8141, HX8140 HX8211, HX8240, HX8241, HX8281


HX6100, HX6150, HX6411, HX6411, HX6431, HX6431, HX6500, HX6511, HX6530, HX6711, HX6730, HX6731, HX6732, HX6780, HX6781, HX6782, HX6902, HX6910, HX6911, HX6912, HX6930, HX6932, HX6933, HX6942, HX6952, HX6982, HX6780, HX6711, HX6730, HX6731, HX6732, HX6781, HX6782, HX6000er  


HX4472, HX4511, HX4572, etc


AirFloss HX 8111, AirFloss Retail HX 8181, AirFloss Dental Prof HX 8141, AirFloss Pro Disp HX 8140, AirFloss Handle

AirFloss 1.5  HX 8211, AirFloss Retail HX 8241, AirFloss Dental Prof HX 8281, AirFloss Pro Disp HX 8240, AirFloss 1.5 Handle

HX8240, HX8241, HX8243, HX8244 


Farbe: weiß, weiss, white, blanc


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Philips Sonicare AirFloss Verschlußdeckel HX81 /82
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unit price 9,98 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Philips Sonicare AirFloss Ersatzdüsen HX8013 (3er)

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Artikelnummer 423501018941 EAN 4251309212724 Hersteller Artikel-Nr. (HAN): 423501006910