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Product no.: 422225939670
Weight: 0.060 Kg.

Philips Senseo Padmaschine, cofee maker, Kaffeemaschine, Standard Padhalter "einfach" 1 Tasse black für HD7830, HD7820  (HD 7820, 7830)


Passend für Serie HD7820 (2. Generation) wie z.B. die: 


Hd7820, HD7822, HD7823, HD7824, HD7830, HD7841, HD7842, HD7820/60, (Hd 7820, HD 7822, HD 7823, HD 7824, HD 7830, HD 7841, HD 7842, HD 7820/60) 


Farbe: schwarz, deep black 


Padholder 1 cup    

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday 16 June, 2010.