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Product no.: HD7011
Weight: 0.300 Kg.

Philips Senseo Entkalker (für alle Modelle) Vorratspack für 6 Monate ( 4x 50gr. Beutel)



Hd7820/51 HD7820/60  HD7820/70 HD7823/10 HD7823/20 HD7823/30 HD7823/50 HD7823/60 HD7823/80 HD7823/90 HD7824/50 HD7824/59 HD7824/60 HD7824/80 HD7825/30 HD7825/31 HD7825/60 HD7825/61 HD7825/70 HD7825/71 HD7825/80 HD7825/81 HD7825/82 HD7825/83 HD7825/84 HD7825/85 HD7825/86 HD7825/87 HD7825/88 HD7825/89  HD7827/50 HD7827/51 HD7830/50 HD7830/60 HD7830/70 HD7835/10 HD7835/11 HD7841/00  HD7850/60 HD7850/80 HD7852/50 HD7854/60 HD7854/80 HD7860/10 HD7860/11 HD7860/60 HD7860/61 HD78260/69 HD7860/80 HD7862/20 HD7862/21  







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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 21 June, 2011.