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Product no.: 996500042792
Weight: 0.050 Kg.

Philips SCHNEIDESATZ / MESSEREINHEIT Schermesser-Einheit


Passend für Philips Bartschneider

QT4085, QT4080, QT4060, QT4045, QT4040 (QT 4085, QT 4080, QT 4060, QT 4045, QT 4040)  

HQT887, HQT885, HQT863, HQT970, HQT870, HQT770  (HQT 887, HQT 885, HQT 863, HQT 970, HQT 870, HQT 770)  


Norelco beard trimmer T900, T960


cutter, blades 

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 25 October, 2011.