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Product no.: HP1912
Weight: 0.050 Kg.

Philishave Rasierer Rotationsscherkopf HP 1912


Geeignet für Philips Rasierer:

HP1112, HP1117, HP1118, HP1119, HP1121, HP1122, HP1123, HP1124, HP1125, HP1126,  HP1128, HP1129, HP1130, HP1131, HP1132, HP1133, HP1134, HP1135, HP1136,  HP1138, HP1139, HP1140, HP1141, HP1142, HP1203, HP1205, HP1207, HP1208, HP1212, HP1213, HP1214, HP1215, HP1216, HP1217, HP1302, HP1303, HP1304, HP1305, HP1306, HP1308, HP1309, HP1310, HP1311, HP1312, HP1313, HP1314, HP1315, HP1316, HP1317, HP1320, HP1321, HP1324, HP1615, HP1620, HP1621, HP1630, HP1631, HP1724, HP2117, HP2130


(NICHT für das 2-Schritt-System)


Fits all Philishaves with 6 or 12 blade cutters

(NICHT für das 2-Schritt-System / double action system) 


Lieferumfang: Aussenteil (Bild) und Klingen (nicht sichtbar)


Shaving head, Einzelscherkopf






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This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday 22 July, 2011.