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Product no.: 252303-482269030441
Weight: 0.210 Kg.

Philips / Norelco Ladegerät / Netzgerät / Netzteil Haarschneidemaschine:


HS015/A (?), HS025/A, HQ-C688, HQ-C888, HQ-C280, HQ-C281, HQC282/A, HQ-C333 (HQC333), HQ-C484, HQ-C483 (HQC483), HQ-C482, HQ-C486, QC5099, QC5041, QC5040


220-240V, 50-60Hz, Sec. 1,3Volt, 1500mA Definition Modelle 


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Hersteller Artikel-Nr. (HAN): 720860151000

This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday 16 January, 2010.