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Product no.: 422203921371
Weight: 0.130 Kg.

Philips Shaver Ladestation / Ständer (ohne Steckernetzgerät) Modell Senso Touch 3D Electric shaver


Geeignet für Rasierer Modelle - geeignet für: RQ 1250, RQ 1260, RQ 1270, RQ 1275, RQ 1280, RQ 1290, RQ 1295  ( RQ1250,  RQ1260, RQ1270, RQ1275, RQ1280, RQ1295, RQ1290)


RQ1280/22, RQ1250/16, RQ1280/16, RQ1261/17, RQ1260/17, RQ1260/03, RQ1280/17, RQ1250/17, RQ1250/21, RQ1280/21, RQ1261/16, RQ1290/23, RQ1260/21, RQ1250/22, RQ1260/22, RQ1260/16, RQ1250/80, RQ1290/21, 1250x/40, 1250x/42, 1250x/45, 1255x/44, 1260x/40, 1260x/45, 1280x/40, 1280x/42, 1280x/45, 1290x/40 


Norelco Shaver  (Charging Stand)


or Norelco shave models


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This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 04 November, 2010.