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Product no.: 258635-420303675920-42030
Weight: 0.050 Kg.

Philips Epilierkopf  /Epiliereinheit /  (Epilating unit) für Satinele 


HP 2845 / HP 6424/PB, HP 6433 / HP 6437/PB, HP 6433 / HP 6438/PB / HP 6459 HP6408, HP6409, HP6410 (HP 6408, HP 6409, HP 6410 ) Satinelle Ladyshave HP6405 (mit und ohnePB), Beauty Satin ice optima HP2845, HP6416, HP6433, HP6435, HP6436, HP6438, HP6459, HP6463, HP6473, HP6475, HP6479, HP6453, HP6455, HP6457, HP6458, HP6459, HP6405PB , HP6419, HP6424/PB Satinelle Sensitive 


Auch Ersatzartikel für: HP2840 /PB, HP2841 A/FL/PB (HP 2841) Satinelle Vitesse E-Kopf


420303675920 420303577970 420303554310 

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday 16 January, 2010.