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Product no.: 420303582310
Weight: 0.050 Kg.

Philips / Norelco  Epilierer - Rasierer-Scherfolienkopf (Foil and Cutter Had unit) für HP 2843/11


HP2843, HP2844

HP6433, HP 6435, HP 6436/PB, HP 6436, HP 6453, HP 6455, HP 6457, HP 6459


Satinelle Super Sensitive HP6445, HP6444, HP6443 (mit/ohne PB)

Scherkopf Einheit mit Scherfolie HP6105 (auch für HP6106) HP6473, HP6475, HP6479, HP6405, HP6409, HP6416 (mit PB), HP6405/PB


HP6473, HP6475, HP6479, HP2845, HP2840, HP2841

HP6404, HP6405, HP6407, HP6408, HP6409,  HP6410, HP6416


HP6433, HP6434, HP6435, HP6436, HP6437, HP6438

HP6443, HP6445, HP6446, HP6447

HP6453, HP6455, HP6457, HP6458, HP6459

HP6461, HP6462, HP6463

HP6479, HP 6479

Beauty Satin Ice


Farbe: weiß, weiss (white)


Damenrasierer / Ladyshaver Scherfolie mit Klinge

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 25 June, 2012.