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Product no.: 250771-482213810728-42220
Weight: 0.050 Kg.

Philishave Rasierer Ersatzakkupack Ni-Mh/ Akkuset (original Philips zum einlöten) Maße ca.: 50x27x14mm 


NIMH-Akku für diverse HQ58 / 67 / 68 / 77 / 77 / 88 Modelle


Geeignet für viele Philips-Rasierer: HQ4850, HQ4866, HQ4870, HQ4890 HQ5819, HQ5825, HQ5826, HQ5846, HQ5847, HQ5866 HQ6830, HQ6832, HQ6850, HQ6851,HQ 6852, HQ6865, HQ6868, HQ6870, HQ6871, HQ6879, HQ6889, HQ6890, HQ6894 HQ8825, HQ8830, HQ8835, HQ8845, HQ8850, HQ8865, HQ8870, HQ8875,  HQ8880,  HQ8882, HQ8885, HQ8890, HQ8893 HQ6720, HQ6730, HQ6740, HQ6760, HQ6761, HQ6762, HQ6763, HQ6764, HQ6770, HQ7830, HQ7850, HQ7870 Norelco 6828XL Philips Cool Skin HQ7740, HQ7742, HQ7760, HQ7780, HQ7782 482213810728 (482213810487, 482213810672) Haar und Barttrimmer: HQT789 (T789) (Akku 420303578530 422203607280)


HQ7310, HQ7320, HQ7330, HQ7340, HQ7350, HQ7360, HQ7363, HQ7370, HQ7380, HQ7390



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Hersteller Artikel-Nr. (HAN): 422203608800 422203607280

This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday 08 January, 2010.