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Product no.: WESGA21K7764
Weight: 0.180 Kg.

Panasonic Rasierer Razor Netzteil / Ladegerät / Ladeteil  / Steckerladeteil RE 7-51 (RE7-59) 


Geeignet für Panasonic Rasierer: ES LA63 (ES-LA63) , ES LA93 (ES-LA93, ESLA93,ES-LA 93, ESLA 93) , ES-LA83 (ESLA83), (ESLA92, ESLA 92, ES LA 92, ES LA 92, ES-LA92, ES-LA 92)  

Panasonic Trocken /Nass Herrenrasierer ES GA21 (ES-GA21) 

ES-LF51, ES-LF71, ES-LV61, ES-LV81, (ES-LF 51, ES-LF 71, ES-LV 61, ESLV61, ESLV 61, ES-LV 81, ESLV81, ESLV 81)

ES-ST25 (ESST25)


OUT DC 5,4V, 1200mA 1,2A (IN 100-240V) 


Charging Adapter 

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday 23 September, 2011.