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Product no.: WES2067L0997
Weight: 0.010 Kg.

Panasonic Epilierer Gehäusedichtung, Gummidichtung für Gehäuse,  Ladyshave, Ladyrasierer


Geeignet für Panasonic: ES-WD 10 (ESWD10, ESWD 10)

ES-WD 60 (ESWD60, ESWD 60, ES-WD60)

ES-WD 70 (ESWD70, ESWD 70, ES-WD70)

ES-WD92 (ES-WD 92, ESWD92, ESWD 92)

ES-ED94-P503 Nass- / Trocken Epilierer (ES-ED94, ES-ED 94)

ES-WD74 Wet/Dry Epilator (ES-WD 74, ES - WD74) pink

ES-WD54 Epilator with Interchangeable Shaver Head (ES-WD 54, ES - WD54) grün

ES-WD24 Nass- / Trocken Epilierer (ES-WD 24, ES - WD24) lila

ES-ED20-V503 Nass / Trocken Epilierer (ES-ED 20, ED-ED20, ESED20, ESED 20)

ES-ED50-N511 wet and dry Epilator (ES-ED 50, ES-ED50, ESED50, ESED 50)

ES-ED70 Epilierer, Wet&Dry (ES-ED 70, ESED70, ESED 70)

ES-ED90-P503 Nass- / Trockenepilierer (ES-ED90, ES-ED 90, ESED90, ESED 90)

ES2067 (ES 2067)


housing o-ring

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 13 March, 2012.