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Product no.: 0072566
Weight: 0.400 Kg.

Krups Kaffeeautomat Heizung / Heizer / Heizplatte / Durchlauferhitzer 230V für ProAroma


F305, F306, F309, F310, F311, F313, F469



F3054210(0)                      PRO AROMA TIME GOLDTONE

F3054238(0)                      PRO AROMA TIME GOLDTONE

F3057638(0)                      PRO AROMA TIME GOLDTONE

F3061410(0)                      PRO AROMA ELECTRONIC STOP

F3065210(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA ELECTRIC

F3067610(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA ELECTRIC

F3091410(0)                      Kaffeeautomat PRO AROMA

F3091445(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS

F3091490(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-1RO AROMA

F3091E10(A)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3092310(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3092390(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3093810(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3093910(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3093945(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3094210(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3094220(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3094245(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3094290(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3094C10(A)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3095210(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3095290(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3097110(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3097610(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3097620(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3097645(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3097690(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3097691(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3097C10/50A                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3098110(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3098510(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA

F3098545(0)                      PRO AROMA

F3098590(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-1RO AROMA

F3101410(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA PLUS

F3101479(A)                      PRO AROMA PLUS

F3103810(0)                      PROAROMAPLUS

F3103910(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA PLUS

F3103910(A)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA PLUS

F3104210(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA PLUS

F3104220(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS

F3107110(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS

F3107610(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA PLUS

F3107620(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS

F3107691(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS

F3108510(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMAPLUS

F3114238(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS GOLD TONE

F3117110(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS GOLD TONE 

F3117610(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS GOLD TONE

F3117638(0)                      PRO AROMA PLUS GOLD TONE

F3134210(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA ELECTRO

F3134238(0)                      PRO AROMA ELECTRONIC

F3134245(0)                      PRO AROMA ELECTRONIC

F3134299(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA ELECTRIC

F3137610(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA ELECTRIC

F3137645(0)                      PRO AROMA ELECTRONIC

F3137670(0)                      PRO AROMA ELECTRONIC

F3137679(0)                      PRO AROMA ELECTRONIC

F3137699(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA ELECTRIC

F4694210(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA ELECTR

F4694220(0)                      PRO AROMA ELECTRONIC

F4697610(0)                      Kaffeeautomat-PRO AROMA ELECTR

F4697620(0)                      PRO AROMA ELECTRONIC


Krups coffee maker Kit /heater 220V-230V

2 Stromanschlüsse + Erdung

SEB Groupe SAVI 5370355

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