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Weight: 0.050 Kg.
EAN / GTIN 4251309251549
Product no.: 0A01448

Krups Espressomaschinen Schlauch aus Silikon, Gewebeschlauch

Länge = 160mm


für Modelle:

EA 8000 (EA8000E1/70B)

EA8005 (EA 8005, EA8005PN/700)

EA 8010 (EA801015/70C)

EA8025PN/700 (EA 8025PN/700)

EA 8038 (EA803810/70B) 

EA 8080 (EA8080PN/700)

EA 810B (EA810B70/70F)

EA8240PN/700 (EA8240, EA 8240)

EA 8245 (EA824515/70C, EA8245)

EA8245PN/70H (EA 8245, EA8245, EA 8245PN/70H)

EA8298 (EA 8298, EA829810/70H)

EA 8250 (EA825015/70F)

EA 9000 (EA9000PN/700)

EA8421 (EA 8421)

EA8258 (EA 8258)

EA826E (EA 826E)

EA829E (EA 829E)

EA8320PN/700 (EA 8320)

EA834010/70B (EA 8340)

EA8441 (EA 8441)

EA8108 (EA 8108)

EA850B10/700 (EA 850B) FALCON III OTC

EA8105 (EA 8105)

EA8298 (EA 8298)

EA9010 (EA 9010)

ROWENTA ES 6800 (ES 6800, ES6800DE/700)

ES 6930

ES6910 (ES 6910)

XP7220DE/500 (XP7220, XP 7220)

XP7210 (XP 7210, XP7210DE/50C)

XP7230 (XP 7230, XP7230DE/70G)

XP7240 (XP 7240, XP7240DE/500)

XP7250 (XP 7250, XP7250PN/70F)


Farbe: weiß, weiss, white, blanc


Kaffeevollautomat, hose, pipe, coffee maker, Kaffeemaschine


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Artikelnummer MS-0A01448 EAN 4251309251549