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Product no.: KW654021
Weight: 0.520 Kg.

Kenwood Küchenmaschinen Mixaufsatz, Mixerbehälter, Aufsatz, Krug  A984 Anthrazit


Mixbehälter passend zu:

FP108  Kenwood FP 180 Küchenmasch. GourmetSet 

FP180  Kenwood Küchenmaschine FP180 Gourmet Set 

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FP404  Kenwood FP 404 FOOD-Processor 1.115

FP460  Kenwood FP 460 Food Prozessor

FP470  Kenwood FP 470 Gourmet ws (A1)

FP476  Kenwood FP 476 Gourmet Chrom (A1)

FP505  Kenwood FP 505 FOOD Processor 1.115

FP555  Kenwood FP 555 FOOD Processor 1.115

FP570  Kenwood FP 570 Gourmet ws (A1)

FP596  Kenwood FP 596 Kompakt-Küchenmaschinen 

FP606  Kenwood FP 606 FOOD Processor 1.115

FP660  Kenwood FP 660 FOOD Processor

FP670  Kenwood FP 670 FOOD PROCESSOR (A1)

FP676  Kenwood FP 676 FOOD PROCESSOR (A1)

KM100  Kenwood KM 100 Küchenm.1.216

KM120  Kenwood KM 120 Cusine, weiss

KM150  Kenwood KM 150 Küchenm. cuisine 3in

KM180  Kenwood KM 180 Cusine 3in1 plus

KM185  Kenwood KM 185

KM186  Kenwood KM 186 Cusine

KM190  Kenwood KM 190 Kenmix weiß/chrom

KM196  Kenwood KM 196 Cusine

KM200  Kenwood KM 200 Chef Küchenm. 1.161

KM201  Kenwood KM 201 Chef (weiß)1.161

KM230  Kenwood KM 230 Major 1.161

KM250  Kenwood KM 250 Major Küchenm. 1.175

KM320  Kenwood KM 320 Chef

KM410  Kenwood KM 410 Chef classic si/ws

KM416  Kenwood KM 416 Chef classic platin/silb

KM500  Kenwood KM 500 Chef 1.161

KM650  Kenwood KM 650 Major Küchenmaschine

KM800  Kenwood KM 800 Major titan/gr-met 1.234

KM810  Kenwood KM 810 Major 'classic',ws

KM816  Kenwood KM 816 Major 'classic' platin

KMC550 Kenwood KMC 550 GL

KMM750 Kenwood KMM 750GL Major Platin-Silber

PM900  Kenwood PM 900 professional, silber


Farbe: Anthrazit-transparent, translucent


goblet, A984, blender, jug  complete

Black lid and handle base

Acryl glas, Acrylbehälter

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday 09 May, 2014.