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Product no.: AWAT337B01
Weight: 2.000 Kg.

Kenwood Küchenmaschinen Acryl - Mixaufsatz, Aufsatz


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KM013 (KM 013)

KM210 (KM 210)

KM220 KM220 Chef Küchenm.1.161

KM300 (KM 300)

KM600 (KM 600)


A993A  Kenwood * Kenwood A993A Acryl-Mixaufsatz, weiss

AT337  Kenwood *** AT337-WS /AT337-GY weiß/grau

AT337-GY  Kenwood Acryl-Mixaufs. AT337 anthrazit 1.5l.

AT337-WS  Kenwood AT337 Acryl-Mixaufsatz

AT993A  Kenwood AT993A Acryl-Mixaufsatz, weiss

KM006  Kenwood Kenwood KM006 Major titan

KM013  Kenwood KM013 Chef Titanium Event

KM020  Kenwood KM020 Major Titanium

KM023  Kenwood KM023 Major Titanium Event

KM030  Kenwood KM030 Chef Titanium Timer

KM210  Kenwood Kenwood KM210 Chef 1.161

KM220  Kenwood Kenwood KM220 Chef Küchenm.1.161

KM290  Kenwood Kenwood KM290 Küchenmaschine

KM300  Kenwood KM300 Chef Küchenm.1.224 700W.

KM336  Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic

KM417  Kenwood Kenwood KM417 Chef 'classic'

KM506  Kenwood Kenwood KM506 Major titan

KM600  Kenwood KM600 Major 1.234

KM610  Kenwood Kenwood KM610 Major Küchenmaschine

KM615  Kenwood Kenwood KM615 Major Küchenmaschine

KM636  Kenwood KM636 Major Classic

KM840  Kenwood KM840 Major 'black' 800Watt.

KMC500  Kenwood KMC500 Chef Küchenmaschine

KMC505  Kenwood Kenwood KMC505 Chef Küchenmaschine

KMM700  Kenwood Kenwood KMM700 Major Küchenmaschine

KMM705  Kenwood Kenwood KMM705 Major Küchenmaschine

PM500  Kenwood Kenwood PM500 1.193


food processor, mixing jug

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 13 January, 2015.