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Product no.: 759551197100
Weight: 0.100 Kg.

Grundig Rasierer (Shaver) Netzadapter / Netzgerät / Ladegerät / Ladeadapter


Passend für Shaver: MS3540 / MS3541 / MS7540 / MS7541

17.045  (17045)



Remington Modelle: F4 Serie F410, F430, RA330, RA5xx, RA7xx

MicroScreen 3 TCT, MS2-280, MS2-290, MS2-390 , MS-5200, MS3-2000 MS3-2700, MS3-3000, MS3-3600, MS3-3700, MS3-4000, MS3-4700, MS3-0004 MS-680CS, TCT R-9100, R-9170, R-9200, R-9270 R-9250, R-9300, R-9350, R-9370, R-9500,  R-TCT Flex 360 R-7130, R-6130, R-5130

Flex & Pivot F-4790, F-5790, F-7790, F-710, F-720 MS-5200, MS-5500, MS-5700, MS-5800, R-1000, R-9130,  R-9190, R-9290, R-9500 MS-900, R-825, R-800, R-650s, R-650, R-510, R-520, HGX-1 MS3C or PA400, PF400

MS-680, MS-900, MS-5500, MS-5700, R-5130, R-5150,  R-6150, R-7130, R-7150, R-8150, R-8150H, R-8150CS, SR9130

F4790, F5790 , F7790, F710, F720, MS5200, MS5500, MS5700, MS5800, R1000, R9190, R9290, R9500 , R9500, MS900, R825, R800, R650s, R650, R510, R520

MS2280, MS2290, MS2390 , MS5200, MS32000 MS32700, MS33000, MS33700, MS34000, MS34700, MS30004, MS680CS

R9100, R9130, R9170, R9200, R9270 R9250, R9300, R9350, R9370, RTCT,  R7130, R6130, R5130 

MS680, MS900, MS5500, MS5700, R5130, R5150,  R6150, R7130, R7150, R8150, R8150H, R8150CS, SR9130

R605, R655, F7800 (F-7800), F7805, (F-7805), F5800 (F-5800)


Stecker muß möglicherweise etwas angepasst - werden, da etwas zu groß!


12V  DC / 400mA



Remington Rasierer mit 12V Betriebsspannung

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday 24 January, 2010.