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Weight: 0.050 Kg.
EAN / GTIN 4251309257114
Product no.: 2266600

De Longhi  Kaffeemaschinen / Kaffeeautomaten Schwimmer


Für Modelle:

ESAM 5400 (ESAM5400.S EX:1)

EC270 (EC 270)

EC220.CD (EC 220.CD)

ECZ351.BG (ECZ 351.BG)

ECZ351.BK (ECZ 351.BK)

ECZ351.GY (ECZ 351.GY)

ECZ351.W (ECZ 351.W)

ESAM5400 (ESAM 5400)

ESAM5450 (ESAM 5450)

ESAM5500.M (ESAM 5500.M)

ESAM6700 (ESAM 6700) Primadonna Avant 

ESAM5500.B (ESAM 5500.B)

ESAM5500.L (ESAM 5500.L)

ESAM5500.T (ESAM 5500.T)

ESAM5500.W (ESAM 5500.W)

ESAM03.110 (ESAM 03.110)

ESAM5500.P (ESAM 5500.P)

ESAM5600.S (ESAM 5600.S)

ESAM04.110.B (ESAM 04.110.B)

ESAM04.110.S (ESAM 04.110.S)

ESAM6700EX:1 (ESAM 6700EX:1)

ESAM6620 (ESAM 6620)

ESAM03.110 EX:1 (ESAM 03.110 EX:1)

ESAM5400 EX:1 (ESAM 5400 EX:1)

ESAM5450 EX:1 (ESAM 5450 EX:1)

ESAM5500.G (ESAM 5500.G)

ESAM5600.SEX:1 (ESAM 5600.SEX:1)

ESAM6700EX:2 (ESAM 6700EX:2)

ESAM5600.SEX:2 (ESAM 5600.SEX:2)

ESAM04.120.S (ESAM 04.120.S)

ESAM5400.GD EX:1 (ESAM 5400.GD EX:1)

ESAM5500.S (ESAM 5500.S)

ESAM02.110.SB (ESAM 02.110.SB)

ESAM5700.S (ESAM 5700.S)

ESAM6750 (ESAM 6750)

ESAM5550.B (ESAM 5550.B, ESAM5550B)

ESAM5500.S (ESAM 5500.S)


Farbe: rot, red


De-Longhi Vollautomaten, float, coffee maker

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Artikelnummer 5332266600 EAN 4251309257114