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EAN / GTIN 4251309224284
Product no.: 3219871

De Longhi  Kaffeemaschinen / KaffeeautomatenTeflonschlauch zu Heizelement für Dampf L=460


Mit Ring und Überwurfmutter in Messing


Für Modelle DeLonghi Vollautomaten mit Schnelldampf:


DeLonghi EABI

EABI6600 PrimaDonna

DeLonghi EAM

EAM3250 Magnifica

EAM3300 RapidCappuccino

EAM3300S Rapid Cappuccino

EAM3400 Magnifica Digital

EAM3400.S Magnifica

EAM3400S Magnifica

EAM3500 Pronto Cappuccino

EAM3500.N Silber

EAM3500.S Pronto Cappuccino


EAM3500S Pronto Cappuccino

EAM4200.S Magnifica

EAM4200S Magnifica

EAM4300 Magnifica

EAM4400 Magnifica

EAM4500 Magnifica

DeLonghi ECAM

ECAM23.450.B EX:3 Cappuccino

ECAM23.450.S EX:3 Cappuccino

ECAM24.450.S Cappuccino

ECAM26.455.M PrimaDonna S

ECAM26.455.MB PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.BLB Kaffee-Vollautomat (ECAM 26.455.BLB, ECAM26455BLB)

ESAM04.350.S Magnifica

ESAM3250 Rapid Cappuccino

ESAM3300 RapidCappuccino

ESAM3400 Magnifica Digital

ESAM3400.R Magnifica Digital

ESAM3400.S MagnificaDigital

ESAM3400S Magnifica Digital

ESAM3500 Pronto Cappuccino

ESAM3500.S Pronto Cappuccino

ESAM3500S ProntoCappuccino

ESAM3550.B Pronto Cappuccino

ESAM3600 Elegance

ESAM4200.S Magnifica

ESAM4200S Magnifica

ESAM4300 Magnifica

ESAM4400 Magnifica

ESAM4500 Magnifica

ESAM4500.B Magnifica

ESAM4500B Magnifica

ESAM5500 Perfecta Cappuccino

ESAM5500.M Perfecta Cappuccino

ESAM5500.W Perfecta Cappuccino

ESAM5500M Perfecta Cappuccino

ESAM5600 Perfecta

ESAM5600.S Perfecta Cappuccino

ESAM5600.S EX:2 Perfecta

ESAM5700.S Perfecta

ESAM6600 PrimaDonna

ESAM6620 Prima Donna

ESAM6700 PrimaDonna Avant

ESAM6700EX:2 PrimaDonna Avant

ESAM6900 PrimaDonna Exclusive

ESAM6900.M Prima Donna Exclusive



Farbe: weiß, white, blanc


De-Longhi Kit Transmission / Antriebskit


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Artikelnummer 5513219871 EAN 4251309224284