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EAN / GTIN 4251309204859
Product no.: 277

De Longhi Dolcegusto Kaffeemaschinen Platte mit Nadel / Dorn


Für Modelle:

EDG100.W (EDG 100.W)  

EDG200.B (EDG 200.B, EDG200B)

EDG200.R (EDG 200.R, EDG200R)

EDG201.S (EDG 201.S, EDG201S)

EDG201.G (EDG 201.G, EDG201G)

EDG 420.FB (EDG 420.FB, EDG420FB)

EDG465.B (EDG 465.B, EDG465B, EDG 465B)

EDG466.S (EDG 466.S, EDG466S, EDG 466S)

EDG456 (EDG 456)

EDG 600.B (EDG600.B)

EDG 600.R (EDG600.R, EDG600.R)

EDG 600.WH (EDG600.WH, EDG600.WH)

EDG 601.S (EDG601.S, EDG601.S)

EDG 602 (EDG602)

EDG 603 (EDG603)

EDG 604 (EDG604)

EDG 605.B (EDG605.B, EDG605.B)

EDG 605.R (EDG605.R, EDG605.R)

EDG 606.S (EDG606.S, EDG606.S)

EDG 607 (EDG607)

EDG 608 (EDG608)

EDG 609 (EDG609)

EDG305.BG (EDG 305.BG, EDG305BG, EDG 305BG)

EDG305.WB (EDG 305.WB, EDG305WB, EDG 305WB)

EDG305.WR (EDG 305.WR, EDG305WR, EDG 305WR)

EDG420.B (EDG 420.B, EDG420B)

EDG626.R (EDG 626.R, EDG626R)

EDG626.S (EDG 626.S, EDG626S)

EDG 635.B (EDG635.B) Stelia

EDG 635.W (EDG635.W)

EU EDG 705.B (EDG705.B, EDG705.B)

ES EDG 715.B (EDG715.B, EDG715.B)

ES EDG 716.B (EDG716.B, EDG716.B)


Diffuser, injector plate, diffesor, zu Kapselmaschinen

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DeLonghi DolceGusto Tanksockel Dichtung EDG600-609
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