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Product no.: 5132106900
Weight: 0.600 Kg.

DeLonghi  Kaffeemaschinen / Kaffeeautomaten Pumpe, Model E Type EP5 230V 50Hz 48W


Für Modelle:

EC680.M (EC 680.M)

ECZ351.BG (ECZ 351.BG)

ECZ351.BK (ECZ 351.BK)

ECZ351.GY (ECZ 351.GY)

ECZ351.W (ECZ 351.W)

EC680.M (EC 680.M)

EC680.BK ( EC 680.BK)

EC680.R (EC 680.R)

ESAM4400 (ESAM 4400)

ESAM5500.T (ESAM 5500.T)

ESAM5550.B (ESAM 5550.B, ESAM5550B)

ESAM6600 (ESAM 6600)

ESAM6650.S (ESAM 6650.S, ESAM6650)

ESAM04.110.S (ESAM 04.110.S)

ESAM04.120.S (ESAM 04.120.S)

ESAM5500.S (ESAM 5500.S)


De-Longhi, intruska, A, EST, TR, INT, RU, SKA, pump, pompa

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 07 October, 2014.