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Product no.: 220046/2313.01NI-BLISTER
Weight: 0.050 Kg.

Carrera Rasierer Scherfolie / Scherblatt 2313.01NI  Material Nickel (Ni)  BLISTER


Geeignet für: 2313, 2313.1, 2313.05, 2313.06,  2313.1D, 2513.1SA,  2613.1, T39.1F Typ 15.1 2715.1


Aldi /Fa. Barclay Modell MD80555, 23116153 ANR 2313.06 (2513.1)

Privileg Rasierer 257657Q, 4307Z, Privileg Lift & Wash (00.501.916 1 oder L 765/781-00) 983835Q


Baugleich mit Grundig Scherfolie GS78 (XS78)


BNR. 0149405E 

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday 03 January, 2010.