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Product no.: 67040251
Weight: 0.300 Kg.

Braun Oral-B Handstück / Handgerät ( Zahnbürstengerät)  D15 / D16.513  (D16500) #

Farbe: grün /green Typ 4729 


3D Pulsating toothbrush, 1 Reinungs-Modi (Reinigen), Timerfunktion          

Passend zu: Professional Care 5000 


Voll Kompatibel zu Braun Modellen:

Prof.Care 5500, OC15.525A OC-Center

Oral-B Prof.Care 6500 OC16.525 OC-Center

Prof.Care 5000, D15.511 U timer basic

Prof.Care 5000, D15.513 U timer mini CS

Prof.Care 5000, D15.513 UT timer mini


Prof.Care 5000, D15.500 U solo

Prof.Care 5000, D15.525 U timer tower

Prof.Care 5000, D15.511timer basic

Prof.Care 5500, D15.525 timer tower

Prof.Care 5000, D15.525 timetower+D15

Prof.Care 5000, D15.513T T timer mini 

Prof.Care 5000, D15.000 solo 

Prof. Care D16.500

D15.535 Professional Care 500

Professional Care 550,


NiMH Akku

Appliance 16 



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