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Product no.: 67051416
Weight: 0.300 Kg.

Braun Stabmixeraufsatz / Vollmetallschaft komplett für Multiquick Multipimer / Minipimer 5000er /6000er Series

Typ 4192 /4191 / 4130


Länge ca.: 21cm, Durchmesser unten ca.: 70mm




MR5000 CA5000 (Multiquick professional, Minipimer professional)


Multiquick 7, Minipimer 7: Modell Typ 4130 MR730 / MR740


Mr500, MR530, MR540, MR550, MR560, MR570, MR700, MR730, MR5500, MR5550, MR5555, MR6500, MR6550FP, BC5000 / 6000, CA5000 / 6000, HC5000 / 6000, WH5000 / 6000, VP2, FP6000 VP5000 / 6000, CT900, CT3100

Typ 4199 - MQ745, MQ775, MQ785, MQ787 Cocktail


(Metal shaft Multiquick 5, Minipimer 5, Multiquick 7, Minipimer 7, Multiquick professional, Minipimer professional, Multiquick fresh, Minipimer fresh)

Blade assy




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Hersteller Artikel-Nr. (HAN): BR67051416

This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 20 December, 2010.