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EAN / GTIN 4210201268949
Product no.: 203-7001510

Braun Deckel / Ladegerät (4714) Plak Control Ultra


Typen-Nr. 4713, 4714, 4723, 4726, 4730


oder Modell: D5011 D5025 D5500 D5525 D5545 D7025 D7525 D7545 D9000 D9011 D9022 D9025 D9500 D9511 D9522 D9521 D9522 D9525 MD5000 MD9000 OC5025 OC5525 OC5545 OC9025 OC9525 OC9545


Verwendbar bei:


Braun * D9511 timer basic

Braun * D9525 T timer travel

Braun * D9011 basic o.Timer

Braun * D9525 timer tower

Braun D 9525 timer tower

Braun D 9011 basic

Braun * D9025 tower

Braun D 9025 Z tower

 Braun D 9525 Z timer tower

Braun D9022 + D9000 duo

Braun D 9525 + D 9510 timer tower

Braun * D9500 timer solo-Handstück

Braun * Oral-B Stages Power Elektrozahnbürsten

Braun * Plak Contr. solo D9511 LC timer basic

Braun * Plak Contr. solo D9511 LC timer basic

Braun * Plak Contr D9525 Timer tower

Braun Plak Control D7011 basic

Braun D7011, WS (Clamshell)

Braun D7500 Solo Timer Plak Cont

Braun D7521K kids timer basic


67001510 / 875203

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